The Sticking Point

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The Sticking Point



I was at the gym the other doing some incline bench-that’s my new thing this last year-works great by the way. I was feeling more tired than usual that particular day-although I am starting to get older (42) and sometimes my strength is just not there. I still went to the gym though. I always go to the gym, on gym days, unless I am throwing up.

I was doing my last set with a 275lb lift. I got it off the rack, went down, and got about half way up, when that is all I had-I could not go any further. My spotter helped me get past that point of no further. I got it back on the rack. He said “good lift, once you got past that sticking point it was all you.” I looked at him and said “that’s the story of life-once you get past the sticking point, it’s all downhill from there.” We both laughed and went our separate ways.

This got me thinking though. Maybe I had said something more profound than I originally thought.

There are a lot of sticking points in your life-jobs, women, children, relatives, and about everything in between. You. Just. Get. Stuck. No matter how hard you push back-you just can’t seem to get past that sticking point. It’s like everything around you has a gravitational force that you can’t overcome. You even dig in deep and scream and yell and shake a fist at the sun-but you got nothing. Then the bar starts to sink and you need help getting past it.

“No way” all of you are saying-alpha males don’t need no stinking help getting past the sticking point-except sometimes you do. Sometimes you need to go on to sites like this and get that motivation, to get that little nudge, help, whatever you want to call the damn thing, and it helps you get past the sticking point. Maybe that is what the point is for this particular blog/website/manosphere/whatever you want to call it. Maybe I’m just trying to help people get past the sticking point in the areas that I talk about. Maybe I’m trying to help myself get past the sticking point in these areas. Maybe.

I often wonder sometimes what to write about. I get writers block, or think it’s all been said already. What more can I add to the input. What left is there to talk about- a writing sticking point if you will. I push and I push and I can’t think of new stuff. Maybe.

Maybe I don’t care if others think this is alpha-does an alpha really care what others think anyway? Maybe the alpha thing is played out on the net (I think it is-not the theory-just the talking about it). Maybe the weight was just too damn heavy that day and I need a little lift past that sticking point. Maybe.

One thing for certain is-the more you push at those sticking points-the more you push, the more you strain, the more you scream and yell and fight. THE MORE YOU FIGHT-

The stronger you become.