The Riddle of Steel

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The Riddle of Steel

The Steel can change your life. I know it has changed mine. Changed it immensely over the 25 years I have been lifting. I am forever grateful that I started lifting weights and even more grateful I started young-although it is never too late. It is never too late for a new beginning.

I remember being a heavy weak kid when I was younger. I was not very strong, athletic, or lean. I was the “picked last” kid that is the subject of playground lore. If ever got a ribbon it was always third place-it was kind of depressing and I did not want to participate as much because of that. This stuck with me a long time-all the way through to high school. That was where things began to change for me.

My sophomore year I started lifting weights and working out. It started to transform my body-I got leaner (I also got taller so that helped) and stronger. It was definitely a transformation and people could start see the difference in my physically. They started messing with me a lot less; eventually trailing off to zero people messing with me at all. That was a change for the better-and also a confidence booster at the same time. The Steel helped me can some confidence and also to be more assertive. When you get stronger you just feel better about yourself. Feeling better about yourself and gaining more confidence gives you the willpower try other things and explore your horizons-all from the Steel.


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After high school, I stayed with the Steel-always lifting and working out. I was starting to be considered big and I was strong for how much I weighed at the time. At one point I had the six-pack abs and all- I felt good and was a lot more athletic than I was when I was a kid. I could run faster, jump higher, and could easily lift my body-weight. I also did a lot manual labor then, and there is no doubt in my mind that the weights helped my body survive that grinding work. Doing rough carpentry and lifting heavy bags of concrete takes its toll on your body-no matter what age you are. Without the Steel- I don’t think I would have done as well just to survive that era of my life. It was hard work-but like the discipline of the Steel-that hard work taught me a lot of valuable lessons in life. It also helped me realize I needed to further my education goals and helped set me on the path to higher learning.

All during college I lifted the Steel and it helped me focus on my studies. It also gave me the confidence I needed when the subjects became difficult or hard to master. The Steel was always there to help me through these times.

Even when I was at the lowest point in my life-when I had nothing and there was no-one: there was the Steel. The discipline of Steel. It was probably the only thing that got me through this time in my life-I could have a goal to focus on-to increase the amount of my lifts-to get bigger, stronger, or to do more reps with a given weight. Anything to help keep my mind focused and to help me keep going on. That is what the Steel helped me do. It literally saved my life.

Now that it is all behind me-I still lift all the time-it is a way of life. If I don’t lift I can hear the Steel calling my name and I have to go. I cannot go long without the Steel. Outside of all the crap: the contests, the supplements, the steroids, the websites, the blogs, the videos, the fitness model freaks, and the latest routines-there is just-the Steel. Just you and the Steel; you versus the Steel and how much can you move at a given time-how strong you are at that moment-overcoming the Steel and reaching for new goals.

Welcome to my site about the discipline of Steel.


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