Safety Notice

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Safety Notice

I was in a well known coffee house the other day when I saw this on the counter:

safety notice

For a minute I was not sure what to think it was so odd. If you can’t read it-it says that the metal straw is metal and that the straw could poke a child in the mouth if they are not careful.

Then something occurred to me.

Our society has become full of really soft stupid people.

They are just completely out of touch with reality. Do you really need a safety warning notice to know that the metal straw could poke you or your kid in the mouth. It is metal for f’s sake. You know the stuff swords and weights and cars and knives are made of. Where is the common sense that people used to have?

Years ago-you did not need warning signs like this. People knew that metal in you mouth-you had to look out. That you could not text and drive and take a selfie with your kid in the backseat sucking on a metal pipe!

What is my point in this post-it is simple. Don’t be stupid-don’t be soft. A big part of this site is using your brain and much as your body. Sure I talk about the steel-but I also emphasize using mine and want you to use yours.

The people who need this sign-maybe can do their job and function in society-have no common sense.

Don’t be like them-ever.