Rugby-Tough Game

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Rugby-Tough Game

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Today I thought I would write about the game of Rugby-a game similar to football, but with enough differences that it deserves it’s own section.

Rugby is tough-a very tough game. It has tackles like in football-but there is no helmet, pads, or any other protective gear-except maybe for cups. This makes Rugby really hard on your body.

There are two league Rugby Union and Rugby League-with fifteen and thirteen players respectively. There are two codes for each of the groups-with Union being the older and more prominent in the Rugby World Cup games.

For the Rugby Union, two teams of fifteen players each compete for two forty minute halves. The game is played on a grass field and points are gained through conversions, tries, penalties, and drop goals. There is a referee and there are two “touch judges” that carry flags and are positioned on the touchline. The distance between the two goals is 110 yards and there is a “in-goal area” which ends in a “dead-ball line” that is between 11-24 yards long.

images-rugby 1

Shirt Numbers:


1. Loosehead Prop

2. Hooker

3. Tighthead Prop

4. Second Row (lock)

5. Second Row (lock)

6. Blindside Flanker

7. Openside Flanker

8. Number 8


9. Scrum Half

10. Fly Half

11. Left Wing

12. Inside Center

13. Outside Center

14. Right Wing

15. Full Back


Referee tosses a coin and the winner gets to do the kickoff. The kickoff is a drop-kick from the center of the field at the halfway line. It has to travel at least 10 meters or the opposing team can restart with a scrum on the halfway line. They can also ask for the kick to be taken again.

index-rugby 2


If the player is holding the ball-then he can be tackled around the legs. Once down he has to give up the ball when he hits the ground. Both teams want the ball and both teams can pile on from behind-but not from the side without penalty. Players must also bind onto a fellow teammate. If the ball breaks free, it can be picked up and played-otherwise it must stay on ground and is handled by being rucked backwards with the feet.

images-rugby 3


A maul is a fast moving and fast forming scrum with the ball being held. Their formation is when the tackle holds up the ball and is not tackled to the ground. Again players can come in from behind and if the maul collapses then either a penalty or a scrum will be given.

index-rugby 4 maul


A scrum is a restarting of the play after a given number of breaking of the rules of play. If the players pass forward-for example-the other team is awarded a scrum. If the ball doesn’t come out from a maul or a ruck fast enough-then a scrum can be awarded. Scrums are definitely to the advantage of the team awarded the scrum.

In a scrum-only the largest, heaviest, and toughest guys on the team-the forwards-are taking part in the scrum. They form a 3-4-1 formation and lock heads with the opposing team. The goal-hook the ball out backward for the scrum half.



This happens when player is in front of a teammate who has the ball. They must not obstruct opposing players. Interference is not part of the game of rugby.

index-rugby offside

Line Out:

This is a restarting of the game when the ball goes out of bounds of the touchlines. The team getting the ball back has a great advantage-they get to choose the number in the line out-from two to eight players, and they also have secret calls to tell each other how far the ball will be thrown. When thrown, the ball is thrown straight down the middle of the field of play and that the player throwing is being lifted up by their teammates.



A try is a score for five points and happens when the ball is grounded in the opponents’ in-goal area. This then must be converted for another two points by kicking the ball through the two uprights of the H goal post. A conversion is a kick inline from where the try was touched down at. The best strategy is to ground the ball directly in front of the H uprights.

index-rugby try


If a penalty is given in range of the goal posts, a penalty kick for three points will be attempted. A drop goal is a ball that normally is dropped kicked from the hands between the uprights for three points. These points are usually critical for the modern playing of the game.


Rugby is a tough and very physical game that has some resemblance to American football. There are tackles, kicks, scoring in the goal ends, and a very similar length of field. After that, the similarities seem to end and the game of Rugby begins.

Rugby is enjoyed through out the world and has immense popularity in the European countries. It is also receiving increasing popularity in the United States.

To play Rugby you need to have some physical ability and strength-with a high pain tolerance. This game is not for the faint if heart.

I recommend playing it a least once in your life-it is a lot of fun.




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