Movie Review: Mad Max Fury Road

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Movie Review: Mad Max Fury Road

Summer action flicks are here and “Mad Max: Fury Road,” maybe be the best this summer has to offer for this genre of movies.

We return to the world created 30 years ago by George Miller, now 70- with a new “Mad” Max Rockatansky (played brilliantly by Tom Hardy-one of the best actors alive right now), trying to survive in the chaotic aftermath of a burnt out humanity. Along for the ride is an incredibly sexy Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron), in an all out car smashing, trucks exploding, guns shooting, and sandstorm blowing homage to every action movie in existence.





“Mad” Max


The plot-such that it is-is simple: A haunted Max runs across a troop of Warboys who quickly capture him and take him to their home-base the The Citadel. Due to radiation sickness all of the Warboys have short lifespans (calling themselves “half-lifes”) and to live longer they need “full-lifes:” people who were born before the nuclear blasts. They use the “full-lifes” as “blood-bags” to give themselves blood transfusions to live long enough to reach the goal. The goal- and only way for a Warboy to die in honor- is on the “Fury Road” where they will live immortal in the halls of Valhalla (I kind of wish I was actually making this up) with their supreme leader Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne-the original villian in the first movie) and as they are about to commit suicide they start huffing silver paint-(this is actually a very funny scene in the movie). Immortan Joe (In the best Jerry Brown impersonation to date) is kind of a dick who holds the keys to the area and keeps everybody enslaved  through water and gas manipulation (In the new Mad Max the wasteland is in California).

15MADMAXJUMP1-master180“Blood Bag” Max and Warboy

Speaking of Ol’ Joe (who is one handsome cat)- one of his most trusted aides Furiosa decides to go rouge and steal all of Joe’s  hot young wives he has locked away in a harem vault where he is trying to produce a heir to his throne (Of course right?).

images-harem of joeJoe’s Harem of Hot Girls

Obviously, this infuriates Joe and calling out his Warboys-the chase is on.

index-immortenImmorten “Handsome” Joe

Furiosa is clearly furious at A. Having only one arm B. For not being in the Harem C. For not being able to have long hair like Joe is into and D. She is pissed she has to drive the truck all the time too.

index-furiosaFurious Furiosa

Warboy Nux (Nicholas Hoult-barley recognizable) wants to join the fray-but is too ill-until inspiration-he will drag his “blood-bag” Max along for the ride-in one of the weirdest concepts in a movie in a long time.


Car chases and mayhem abound as Furiosa takes her ‘War Wagon” a suped-up semi and her crew to the proverbial “greener” pastures to meet up with Furiosa’s “tribe” that she was stolen from as a little girl but evidently remembers exactly the way there through the desert wasteland-with the assumption that they are still there-whatever. It’s all good.

They go through a bunch of crap and there are explosions and guns and killing and drama and Nux seeing the light and then not seeing the light and then seeing the light again and then Max getting the weird face thing off and then the girls in a wet white t-shirt water contest scene and then they meet up with the old-literally-tribe and then they turn out to be all super old women/I don’t even know and then they are going to take off and then Max is going to go on his own and then he does not and then they go back and then there are more explosions and driving and then more guns and killing and drama…… I don’t want to give to much away.

index-fire maxYeah booooyyyyyy-fire and shit

As for the technical stuff:

Cinematography of John Seale is A++++++++++ simply fantastic

Real Stunts A++++++++++++ unbelievable real stunts not CGI

The CGI looked really great as well: I really thought the sandstorm was amazing looking

Director A+++++++++++++++ Miller is awesome what else is there to say-I have loved everyone of his Mad Max movies

Acting was top notch for what they needed to do A+++++++++++++++

I enjoyed this movie-you will enjoy this movie if: you like a hell of a lot of action, dangerous real stunts, thin plot, hot girls, and Tom Hardy. It is worth the money-go see it-we need more of this stuff (I am really burning out on Marvel action movies). Suspend your disbelief, get some popcorn, and enjoy the ride!

Rating: 5 Plates

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