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Sometimes my motivation is just not there. Sometimes I need a kick in the ass to get moving again. It is not easy and I’m not going to pretend I am some motivation guru that never gets tired, bogged down, or discouraged-because I do sometimes. Life is hard and it is hard to stay motivated all of the time. Sometimes I just got to get in the jealous hater mode to get things done. Sometimes I get into the spiritual mode to get things done. Sometimes I get into the military drill instructor mode to get things done. Whatever works at the time is what I do to get it done-let’s look at these a little.

Drill Instructor Mode:

This is an effective way to kick yourself in the ass and get that ass in gear. Internally yelling at yourself and calling yourself “Pile” like the drill instructor from the movie ‘Full Metal Jacket’ works. When you are giving up, shutting down, and feeling like this is it-start the drill instructor voice in your head to start going. Start out with “so you want to quit you f-ing pussy-how about those guys in Afghanistan-they can’t even quit if the try!” “Get your ass moving, move it, move it, move it!!!” You get the idea. The whole thing is to stop feeling sorry for yourself and get rolling-even if you don’t get everything you wanted done in one day-who does?-you got something. Keep it up every day and you start seeing the results. Don’t give up, don’t quit-to more you plug away at something the more results you are going to see. DON’T QUIT PILE!



Hater Mode:

Now I know a lot of people-especially the gurus are going to say-no way-don’t do this-don’t hate-don’t be jealous-blah blah. They don’ know the power of the dark side! This force can kick you into high gear-and has helped me achieve specific goals that I have wanted.



Don’t be misled-hating an enemy, having enemies is an incredibly powerful motivating force. It can drive you to new heights in your goal seeking. Usually, I use this when I get complacent in my life-when I think things are good-I don’t need to strive or strife so hard-just relax. Then I snap out of it and find a tool to start hating on-Justin Bieber is a great one to start with-thinking about all that money, girls, and praise heaped upon him when I see picture like this out there:


Then I get extremely filled with hate and get going on whatever I am doing to make my ends-works every time. I don’t recommend it all the time-but it can and will work well for you in certain situations-it is particularly effective at the gym and helping to push those weights-just imagine stupid Bieber and the weights are 50lbs lighter-works every time.


Spiritual Warrior Mode:

This is the best and most powerful one IMO. This is the Bruce Lee of the motivation world-it is also the hardest to achieve-no joke. I was not in the military and I am not part of any paramilitary groups like the police-so this kind of spiritual warrior motivation requires extra work from me to get into that frame of mind. It is even hard to write about because it is hard to articulate the feeling and motivation behind this. This the Way of the Warrior type of lifestyle that very few can achieve-but I feel most men should be doing. I will have a lot more posts about this in this website and my other one I am starting (spoiler alert). When I get into this mode-I feel stoic, determined, energized, focused, and indifferent to opposite opinions on what I should be doing. I am not angry like hater mode-but serine, practical, and pragmatic. I just keep going and I don’t let the little ups and downs get to me. I face the reality of the situation and preserve to overcome. This is the best mode and the one I try to be in most of the time-it is not easy and requires concentrated work-but then again what doesn’t?

Embrace this mode the most and all your problems will disappear-all that will be left is you plus solutions.



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