Gym Etiquette: #1

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Gym Etiquette: #1

Okay-I am not a whiner, complainer, or any other thing but a strong confident male. With that being said there are some etiquette rules in life that all humans (but especially men) should adhere by. These apply in all areas of life-but especially in the gym. Sometimes when a person does this I want to punch them in the face. It is such an annoyance.

The number one thing I cannot stand in the gym is when I am on an aerobic machine (we can argue about the merits of being on the machine and yes I run/sprint too); is someone getting next to me, start working out, and then start coughing a lung out. What is worse in when they don’t cover their mouths. Going around coughing without covering your mouth makes you one of the lowest forms of life period-but doing next to someone who is breathing hard on a machine 2 feet from you? What the freak is wrong with you?

People like that should be beat over the head until they get it-unfortunately they are too stupid to ever get. I guess they were just not raised right. Most people have the common decency to cover their mouths when they cough and sneeze. Stupid degenerates do not.

Don’t be a stupid degenerate.




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