Education-Is it Worth It

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Education-Is it Worth It

There is a lot of talk out there about how the education system these days (college) is crap-and these people are right to a certain extent. There is no doubt the left-wing lunatic-snowflakes-SJW-hiding in their safe-space is a complete joke and insult to thinking men. Another problem is the left wing teachers that teach these so called higher levels of learning-they are complete loons. It almost does not need to be said that a straight, masculine, heterosexual, and alpha male is the most hated person on college campus (except they seem to be the ones who always get laid-something to ponder). Furthermore the costs are outrageously expense for what you get-especially with all the free online classes you can take. I know people like Roosh, Victor Pride, and Cernovich have stated that college is a waste of time and money-but I really wonder if it is. These guys are all actually very successful in the manosphere and guess what-they all have college degrees! Cernovich also has what many would consider an advanced degree-his Juris Doctorate. Victor has a business degree I think-and Roosh has a science degree (I am starting to see a pattern here). What about me you ask? I’ll get to that. So maybe what they were really trying to say is that college is a waste of time-if you do not study the right things. I happen to agree with that-if you go to school and spend the money-you better choose the right degree.


I’m probably biased here-as I have two engineering degrees-a bachelors and a masters-the masters I got for free from a place I work (always do this if it is offered). Prior to these degrees I was making absolute chump change welding and machining metal components. It has been very good to me and my family-did it make me rich? Learn this lesson now-no one is going to pay you to be rich-period. So, no it didn’t make me rich-but it definitely has provided for me and mine-we eat steaks a lot. We live in a safe neighborhood and my kids go to good schools-so is that rich? It is a hell of a lot more than about 6 billion other poor souls on this soulless planet. I’m working on the rich part-it ain’t easy believe me. There are also thousands of examples of multi-millionaires and billionaires that have a science background-the richest man in the world has a science background (computer science-yes I know he quit early). Also, you absolutely do not have to go to a high price school to learn engineering and science. You can go to a very reasonably priced school-get an engineering degree and it will maybe cost you $30,000. You will make around $70,000 per year to start and will earn in a life time of 40 years (assuming no raises) $2.8 million on this investment. Is that bad? Well I did an ROI calculator and go this result:

That’s a whooping 9200% return on the investment-I defy you to find me a better ROI on that for any investment in the world. That was also assuming there were no raises and you did’nt make another dime on anything else ever. Which is not likely.


Now if science is not your thing-that is fine-its not for everybody. But the next best IMO is to get a business/accounting/financial degree. Yes a lot of people have a degree like this and therefore is a lot of competition out there. Still, there are thousands of successful businesses out there from people with business degrees. Accountants are very well paid, and it really goes without saying that you can make a ton of money in the financial world. These guys make billions on their hedge funds-and I guarantee that most if not all have some college degree. I don’t even want to think what the ROI on that is. So if you are not going to school for science or engineering-you be best off going for a degree like this that will pay you so that you can have an existence at least on this planet.

Law Degree:

Do I really need to say how many rich lawyers are out there? Sure there are a lot of working lawyers-and they also get paid pretty decently. Staff lawyers make a damn good salary and they are not toiling all day every day either-which I am not knocking-but try it when you are fifty. This is probably one of the more expensive degrees to get so the ROI is not as high-still it’s a living that could be a lot worse (Roosh says don’t try to date female law students-this is probably sound wisdom).


Investing in yourself is the best ROI you can get in this life-invest in your body, invest in your soul, and invest in your mind. I have proven conclusively that an education will pay you back in large dividends. You also know things, learn how to think, and learn how to learn. These are very valuable commodities. You will make your money back-even if you never have a raise and never do anything else but work for other companies. It is not that bad of an investment. I would say if you can get an education for relatively low cost and/or free (many companies offer education assistance)-do it-it can never hurt you and if you do it right-start right out of high school, be done in four years and you are what 22-23 years old. You think that is old-well I go news for you-it ain’t. You got a long way to go-so don’t worry about. If you are older-don’t trip-it is never too late for a new beginning in the greatest country in the world -USA.



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