Big Arms-Yes They Do Look Good

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Big Arms-Yes They Do Look Good

Big Arms:

There is no doubt about it-when you have bigger arms people think you are bigger and stronger than you may actually be. This is especially true with bulging biceps. Women also like a bigger arm on men-it is consistently ranked in the top ten of parts women like-which is a good thing. I say it is good because you can develop you arms and get them bigger.

Some people think this is irrelevant to lifting, health, and well being. Well, I say bullshit to all of that. I will admit that getting bigger biceps has marginal effect on most lifts. However, having bigger, stronger triceps definitely helps most upper body exercises that I believe you should be doing anyway. Those include shoulder presses, dips, bench, and pushups.

We have also talked about how health and well being are combined with confidence-and having women attracted to you is a confidence builder. Relationships and sexual relationships are a part of a healthy human beings life-(I am not saying to be a slut bag here-so don’t even go there). Being physically desired is an important part of life-it is good for your confidence, your psyche, and your overall well being. You should be doing everything you can to be a least desired by the opposite sex-and that includes getting those biceps built up a little. This post will talk about biceps first-but there will be lot’s of posts about both the biceps and triceps to come.

2o Inch Guns-on the way right?

images-arnold arm 1

Just some workouts and whey protein-you’ll have 20 in guns like Arnold-I just know it. CRRRRAAAAAPPPPPP!!!!

OK-this is obviously not realistic at all-for a shitload of reasons (this mainly involves Vitamin S). However, you can develop your arms by doing some simple exercises. How your final biceps and triceps will look depends a lot on the shape of your underlying muscles.

The Bicep:

According to Wikipedia:

In human anatomy, the biceps brachii, commonly known as the biceps, is a two-headed muscle that lies on the upper arm between the shoulder and the elbow. Both heads arise on the scapula and join to form a single muscle belly which is attached to the upper forearm. While the biceps crosses both the shoulder and elbow joints, its main function is at the latter where it flexes the forearm at the elbow and supinates the forearm.

Biceps brachii muscle06.png

Here the green is the shorter inner head and the red is longer head.(1)

Which is better-short or long muscle bellies?

By all accounts, having a longer muscle belly is more ideal for body building and strength building-in general. You get fuller looking muscles, you have more leverage to lift heavier, and there are more muscle fibers there. There is nothing you can do about this-it is the way it is-don’t believe me Google it (you are genetically born with these things).

Paradoxically, having shorter muscle bellies makes the biceps have that more pronounced arm peak-you know that peaks that makes your arm look big-but it really is a matter of chance more than anything else. There are some people who have both-large bicep peaks and long muscle bellies (we can and should hate them). Regardless of this-you can get your arms bigger, fuller, and stronger.

Get On With The Exercises Already:

OK OK-let’s get to some exercises that will help develop you biceps.

First-for natural body builders-I am into full body barbell exercises for a variety of reasons-but for the biceps dumbbells are very useful.

-Basic Curl:

In a  standing position -start with a grip on the bar-do not have any weight yet-the Olympic Bar weight is enough. Lower the bar and then curl toward you by bending your arms at the elbows. The bar should  come up to your chest.

images-bicep curl lowerimages-bicep curl upper

Obviously good form is important:


I am half joking here-good form is important-and whatever you do don’t hurt your back. Still-perfect form for every lift every time is a bunch of bullshit spread by juicers or losers. Bottom line-do what you can when you can-just don’t get hurt or injured.

-Dumbbell Hammer Curls:

These are exactly like they sound. Grip the dumbbell like you were hammering a nail (you have hammered a nail in your life I hope)-lower one dumbbell and raise the other-alternating each arm-up and down. Super effective and super simple.

index-hammer curls

-Dumbbell Curls

Similar to hammer curls-but the grip is like the basic curl. You use the same alternating technique as the hammer curls-first up and then down. Another approach is to twist on the up curl and twist back down on the down motion. So at the bottom you are almost like the hammer curl position-and as you go up twist into the standard curl position.

images-dumbell curlimages-twist dumbbell curl

-Close Grip Pull Ups

Close grip pull ups are another decent exercise for just working the bicep. Grip the bar so you see your thumb and place your hands close together. Then simply lower and pick yourself back up using your bicep muscles. Very simple and effective.

images-close grip pull ups 2index-close grip pull ups


You can and should develop not only your biceps, but also your triceps as well. No matter what you do-you will not have 20 in arms naturally as far as I am aware of. Especially if you are going to be maintaining low levels of body fat. That is just not possible without Vitamin S-period.

You can however, develop your arms to a decent size, look good, and get them stronger by following some simple exercises for the arms. How big and good they look depends a lot upon your muscle genetics-whether you long or short muscle bellies. Either way, don’t neglect your arm development in your routines.


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