6 People Care

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6 People Care

We went to visit my girl’s Grandmother-in-law a few weeks ago in Las Vegas. She is in hospice and is obviously not doing well. She is in a state run medical facility (more on that in another post) and is receiving the best care she can get that is paid for by the big gov. The people there were very nice to us and they are doing a job you could not pay me enough for-so more power to them. This facility is for people who cannot afford medical help, and who also need it. While there I saw the most down-syndrome person I have ever seen, and who could not possibly take care of herself in any way. It was to say the least, depressing as all hell. After we left I realized that there are not many people that really care about you in this world. That maybe 6 people care in all the world that she is there, dying in a hospital bed-6 people after a lifetime on this earth. It was a revelation to me as I was thinking about it at the hotel. 6 people care.

This just last weekend, my Dad needed emergency open heart surgery-quadruple bypass-crazy. Outside of his family-I think about 4 people visited him. 4 people for a lifetime on this planet-4 people care. Although he (seemingly) is going to recover and is doing well-again I was struck by how few people you end up really knowing during your lifetime. What is strange is that these people were all people that he met later in his life through his church/charity work-within maybe the last 5 years or so.

I was really thinking about it hard, and I came to the conclusion that this is not the best way to go. You need to get out and try to have as many people care about you as you can during your lifetime, and you need to care back for them.

Life is short-it goes by fast. You got to make the most of your time while you can, and maximize every aspect of your life-including making lasting connections with people throughout your entire life. You have got to do this. We now have the power of communication like never before-so there is no excuse. None. You don’t want to be 80 years old dying alone in a bed where 6 people care about you. That is the last thing anyone should want to go through.

I know it’s hard. The internet has really shaken the crazy tree, and smart phones have turned everyone into a narcissistic whack job. Not to mention some of the absolute morons on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Still, you got to try, you got to get out and make those lasting connections. You have got to get out and get those 6 people at least to care about you. 6 people to care.

That is my challenge to you, myself, and all my kids. Find those 6 people-no relatives-who are going to care, are going to be there when you are dying, so you do not have to die alone in a bed-in a government ran medical center (I wish I had the means to take her-but I don’t-I’m working on it). You don’t want to be in the hospital and have no one visit you. No one to see if you are alright, if you are going to make it, and if you are going to need help. You have got to find those 6 people. It is your duty as a human being on this planet, in this solar system, in this galaxy, and in this universe to find those 6 people dammit. Because you are going to die, you are going to die likely from disease, because that is how nature kills us off in a modern society-through disease. So you have better get prepared-you have better reach out, and you had better put your ego aside for a minute and embrace some people. Because death is coming for you-whether you like it or not. So you had better live while you are alive.

6 people.


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